Macron made the right decision by inviting Trump

Between Angela Merkel and Theresa May, Donald Trump found Emmanuel Macron. At the invitation of the latter, the former arrived in France and will attend the annual military parade on Bastille Day. For both leaders, it is an opportunity to confirm the strong ties between the two countries in their “war on terror.”

This is an opportunity for Donald Trump to forge a strong relationship with France, a major country in Europe, also a member of the UN Security Council (UNSC) and the world’s third largest nuclear force. This is for Emmanuel Macron the opportunity to challenge the German takeover on European affairs and to emancipate from Angela Merkel by building a direct relationship with Donald Trump.

On this occasion more realistic than his European counterparts, Emmanuel Macron has realized that Donald Trump is the president of the United States whatever one may think about him. Considering the sole superpower status of the United States and the ambitions of France, Emmanuel Macron made the right decision by inviting Donald Trump.

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