Hillary Clinton never really thought she could lose

In her first TV interview since Election Day, former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton told CBS News that she was just “gobsmacked, wiped out” after losing to Republican Donald Trump. Since November 8, 2016, many said that Clinton got the popular vote and that Trump never really won hence some demonstrations calling for his resignation and claiming that “he’s not our President.”

Ten months later, Hillary Clinton has yet to realize that the data gathered directly on the ground by people like former CIA station chief Scott Uehlinger did show that Donald Trump had a pretty good chance to settle at the White House as soon as Summer 2015, that is more than one year before Election Day.

Early in the race, there was a momentum growing in favor of Trump and once his main competitor on the GOP side Jeb Bush was gone, Trump’s likelihood to become POTUS jumped. This was written here on the Cyceon’s website: has Clinton read it, she would never have been “gobsmacked.” What one wishes and what happens are two different things.

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