EU’s anti-dumping measures are politics, said Christophe Brochard

Strasbourg-based French economist and independent financial advisor Christophe Brochard thinks that the latest European Union (EU)’s anti-dumping measures mostly resulted from political considerations.

In an interview with Chinese news agency Xinhua, Brochard pointed out what he described as some incoherence about such a move against China while the EU seeks to resume free trade talks with the United States. “If a country exports too much to another one, the setting up of (customs) barriers can help to protect the local economy,” Brochard explained, therefore “if one deals with China, why doesn’t one deal with Germany?” he asked.

Indeed, Germany has enjoyed a dominant if not overtly beneficial status among EU economies and has become the world’s largest exporting country in volumes, ahead of China.

That’s why against the backdrop, Christophe Brochard thinks EU’s measures despite not clearly designating China look like another move by the West to contain China’s rising influence, as it were the same “counterproductive” way it has enforced economic sanctions against Russia since 2014.

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