France is Europe’s leading country already, said Jacques Attali

French writer and essayist Jacques Attali has been a controversial intellectual figure for decades, especially in his home country France where he still exerts much influence within Parisian power circles.

In an interview with Swiss newspaper 24 heures, Attali said that contrary to a widespread viewpoint, France is changing very quickly and is permanently reforming itself in many areas such as innovation, art and culture.

Asked about France’s role in Europe, Attali goes beyond the general actual consensus by affirming that France has become Europe’s leading country already and will be even more so in the future while Germany will have to deal with serious demographic issues. “Economically, we are active in the best sectors: health, education, culture, insurance, startups,” stressed Attali.

As a key to its ongoing – and future – status of one of the world’s five most powerful countries, France should largely benefit from Africa’s economic development since there will be around 700 million French-speaking people there 30 or 40 years from now – up from 180 million today.

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