Saudi-Iranian tensions have been growing for decades

What’s happening between Saudi Arabia and Iran isn’t news at all. Bilateral tensions have been running for decades if not centuries within the framework of the Islamic schism between Sunnis and Shiites.

Such tensions have taken a more military turn when Iran tried to take the world’s leadership of Islam by starting its Islamic Revolution in 1979 that pushed Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies to build an even closer alliance with the West, particularly the United States. Since then, both camps have fought against each other through proxy wars in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, further involving the US on the Saudi side and Russia on the Iranian one.

Considering that Russia and its allies in the Middle East have scored a number of on-the-ground victories in the region in recent years notably in Syria, latest tensions have been deemed quite logical by Cyceon whose analysts assessed that more Russian clout there does change the regional landscape therefore starting a chain reaction within Arab countries.

Add the Salman branch of the Saudi Royal family power development in the Kingdom and one does witness quite sensitive change in the region’s oil and financial superpower as a result. There has been a war going on for very long mostly in the background between Iran and Saudi Arabia and if tensions could still degenerate into a larger military conflict, the United States and Russia should prove once again instrumental in preventing such an uncertain risky development.

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