Although defeated in Syria-Iraq, ISIS will remain active elsewhere

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the war against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq was about to be won but that didn’t mean the end for the global war on terrorism.

“In the Gulf region, as well as in South East Asia and the Sahel, numerous are the places where the fight will remain a military one too,” said Macron while speaking to French troops stationed in Abu Dhabi. Libya and the Horn of Africa have been listed as top priority areas by the French Military as a result.

“There will always be jihadists somewhere preparing for some violent action and the military side of our counterterrorism (CT) policy will be insufficient. There are many other things that remain to be done on the civilian side of the situation,” a French diplomatic source told media.

As for France’s national security, Laurent Nunez underlined in a first interview since his appointment last June as the head of French domestic intelligence service DGSI that “ISIS’s ambition to attack us is intact.”

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