Artificial Intelligence (AI), a threefold revolution – Report

Artificial intelligence (AI) consists of the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings.

In the absence of a universal definition, AI can be determined according to the following taxonomy : systems that think like humans (neural networks, cognitive architecture), systems that act like humans (Turing test with language, knowledge representation, automated reasoning and learning), systems that think rationally (inference, optimization, logic) and systems that act rationally (intelligent software, robots capable of achieving objectives, perceiving, planning, reasoning, learning, communicating, deciding and acting).

There is, however, a widely shared consensus that AI is experiencing and will experience near-exponential growth over the long term, as it has already changed and will change the global ecosystem and the life of the humankind more deeply and sustainably. The real stumbling block is the interpretation of such an evolution as to whether it will be positive, negative or neutral.

  • AI is a Strategic Revolution,
  • AI is a Business Revolution,
  • AI is a Sociological Revolution.

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