We have to search and destroy terrorism, say French former special ops

After the islamist terrorist attacks that left five people dead and a dozen wounded in Carcassonnes, Trèbes and Paris where a 85-year-old jewish woman was killed, the French people are asking for tougher measures from their political leaders.

After an awful death toll of 250 since 2015 and a growing threat inside the country, they demand that Emmanuel Macron and his government take “deep action” now. Less known but possibly stronger, intelligence, military and special operations veterans are increasing the pressure by delivering clear messages on social networks and in mailing lists that include many government officials.

Clearly, they call for “higher intensity” in counterterrorism (CT) efforts and for a leap in the use of the “operational branch.” Summing up, they ask for the government to wage a “real war” against the jihadists. “What we’re doing abroad, we can do it here in the country. We can search and destroy,” a former special ops officer wrote in a Facebook group.

In the background and because the French public opinion largely agrees with them, those who’ve been at the forefront of CT for decades somehow summon their government to act.

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