Tikehau Capital’s François Fillon to start an Eastern Christians foundation

Former French Prime Minister and conservative candidate for the 2017 presidential race François Fillon announced he has started the setting up of a humanitarian foundation in defense of Eastern Christians and minorities.

“As you know, the cause of Eastern minorities, particularly that of the Christians, is very close to my heart. The tragedies experienced by these populations over the past few years in a region of wars, religious tensions and fundamentalism have led to often untold human, family and community trials,” he wrote in a letter sent to his closest supporters. As a result, Fillon called for donations so that the foundation could carry out its mission by 2019.

In September 2017, François Fillon joined Tikehau Capital, a pan-European Asset manager and investor, as a Partner. Thanks to his “international experience combined with his in-depth knowledge of French and European economic issues,” Fillon directly participates in the international “growth of the asset management and investment company,” said a statement.

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