Former French Foreign Affairs Minister Hubert Védrine, famous for having called and described the late 1990s United States a “hyperpower”, has given a relevant interview to French daily newspaper Les Echos.

A world-class reference in international affairs with a French standpoint, Védrine underlines the need for the elites to listen to the people especially the demand for both more ecology and less immigration.

About China as the next superpower, Védrine considers that much remains to do for China to develop a soft power as big as that of the United States, besides he adds, China may even not seek to become such a superpower on a cultural level.

In the context of a global geopolitical shift from the West to Asia, Hubert Védrine thinks Europe has to become a strategic power if it wants to weigh in 21st century’s international affairs or if will have to depend on the United States, now a more “erratic power” he said.

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