Prices in French supermarkets and hypermarkets rose by 4%

According to a study by Nielsen, the prices of the hundred most consumed products (PGC) in France jumped 4.2% in hypermarkets and 3.1% in supermarkets, between January 26 and February 9, 2019, meaning in only 15 days.

This dramatic rise in prices would be the direct consequence of the “food law” (loi alimentation) enforced since February 1, 2019, sought by the government of Emmanuel Macron and which increased by 10% the threshold of resale at a loss (SRP).

The overall price increase drops to 1.7% for the top 1,000 products, says Nielsen, which points out that it is the prices of alcohols and salt groceries that have increased the most with +3.2% and +2.9% respectively.

Finally, Nielsen reports that about 70% of households are being impacted by such rising prices, a development that contradicts with the government’s “fake news” accusations against consumers who warned of imminent price increases and which could give new ammunition to the protest movement “Yellow Vests”.