Against the Democrats’ “socialism”, Donald Trump gains ground

In the same way that Donald Trump surprised almost everybody by winning the White House in 2016 (1), he would be gaining ground for a second term as his Democratic opponents clash to take away the investiture of their party.

The news coverage about Donald Trump is so biased outside the United States that it is more than ever necessary to collect information at the source, inside the neighborhoods where the real estate billionaire raises more hope than worry.

While the media coverage focuses on the policies proposed by the 20 Democratic candidates, the average American seems hardly concerned except to worry about the ”socialism” perceived as more and more “exacerbated” at the core of the party of former vice president and now candidate Joe Biden.

“We have never known such prosperity. In my neighborhood, everyone has a job and even if Trump is excessive, there’s fear that the change promised by the Democrats will turn everything upside down,” explained a resident of Pennsylvania, a former Democratic stronghold State won by Trump in 2016.

The good perception of the country’s general economic situation seems to be a major determinant of the Americans’ vote for 2020, far ahead of the social, ideological, green and even feminist considerations of the Democrats.

Worse, their favorite contender Joe Biden appears already in premature decline, with voting intentions potentially reduced by a third since entering the race.

“Biden wants to give pledges to the left wing of the Democratic Party and counterproductively, it makes Donald Trump almost reassuring to many Americans for whom socialism is simply diabolical,” insists a Washington-based observer.

(1) Except for Cyceon which made such an assumption as soon as summer 2015.