Is Donald Trump “our best hope for peace” with North Korea?

Most often depicted as extravagant especially with his unpredictable tweets, President Donald Trump would actually be rebuilding the “strategic uncertainty” that the U.S. government would have lacked for years if not decades.

According to Scott Uehlinger, a retired CIA Station Chief and despite “the shaky gound” of U.S. negotiations with North Korea (DPRK), Trump has done more for peace in the Korean peninsula than any of his predecessors whose efforts – like the “six party talks” from 2003 to 2009 – provided Pyongyang with food and fuel while it was developing its nuclear program unabated.

In short, one has to look beyond the mainstream media’s, the Democrats’ standpoint to see that by not commenting on the 9 missile launches since February’s failed Hanoi summit, “Trump has done his homework” stresses Uehlinger.

Given that “North Korea is not a complete monolith”, Trump’s counterpart Kim Jong Un has subscribed to his ancestors’ playbook while taking care of not re-crossing “the threshold of lobbing long range missiles over Japan,” writes Uehlinger who interprets such development as evidence that the Trump’s approach is the right one.