Still a potential for a severe drop in China’s stock markets

Views expressed here are solely those of the author.

For now, as a Cyceon‘s post published today put forward, the consequences of the Wuhan-bound coronavirus has been quite limited on Chinese stock markets.

However, my personal viewpoint is that there could be a bit more volatility, and growing potential for severe drop in prices, if statistics don’t quickly show any relevant increase in the efficiency of health measures that aim at preventing the coronavirus from spreading and infecting a growing amount of people.

I mean this could be the calm before the storm, although neither I nor you wish for such a storm to take place. My thoughts now are for those affected in China and elsewhere.

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Charles Rault is Cyceon's managing director, he monitored Global Affairs for 15 years as an Analyst, later switched to investing and finance, graduated in Political Science (Université Paris 2 - Panthéon-Assas) and Asset Management (University of Pennsylvania - Wharton).