The Russians dreamt about it, the Democrats did it?

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Almost 24 hours after the Iowa Democratic Primaries, no results have been made public. Why? Because there’s apparently been a complete meltdown of the votes counting system, sending those in charge into a complete nightmare of not knowing who voted what and/or for whom – name it “inconsistencies”.

I don’t know if the videos posted on Twitter that show some Democratic gentlemen and gentlewomen flipping coins are real but according to available information, this looks as terrible as the situation really is. The only winner of this Democratic event has been a Republican. Guess who.

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Charles Rault is Cyceon's managing director, he monitored Global Affairs for 15 years as an Analyst, later switched to investing and finance, graduated in Political Science (Université Paris 2 - Panthéon-Assas) and Asset Management (University of Pennsylvania - Wharton).