Germany, don’t question French nuclear deterrence

Views expressed here are solely those of the author.

It appears that people inside the German government are putting the pressure so that France shares her nuclear arsenal with it or put it under NATO command if, as Emmanuel Macron reportedly said, it really wants to build a more unified Europe.

If one can understand the political rhetoric behind this, I’d say that before ever thinking about sharing such a nuclear force, the European Union (EU) would have to be fully unified on all aspects (like having a real, credible military force), a process which, to say the least, is very far from concretizing particularly just days after… the Brexit.

Also, it shows a deep lack of understanding on behalf of German politicians about the very nature of France’s nuclear arsenal which is notably to not depend on anybody, particularly NATO (remember Charles de Gaulle), for the defense of “vital interests”.

In the end, I believe that Europe is better protected with France having its fully autonomous deterrence with an ability to decide within minutes than with a French-made nuclear force under a European command which would, like the EU has been for decades on so many strategic topics, be so long to decide that any nuclear confrontation with any tierce country would turn into a disaster for every Europeans.

In terms of strategic defense, nobody ignores that both secrecy and time are of the essence.

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Charles Rault is Cyceon's managing director, he monitored Global Affairs for 15 years as an Analyst, later switched to investing and finance, graduated in Political Science (Université Paris 2 - Panthéon-Assas) and Asset Management (University of Pennsylvania - Wharton).