Trump says radical left threatens State of the Union

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Having enjoyed (very) low ratings on behalf of U.S. citizens for years, the Congress will not rise in popularity anytime soon after House Speaker, Democratic Nancy Pelosi, ripped up Republican President Donald Trump’s speech after he gave his 3rd State of the Union address.

Sure, Trump willingly politicized his address and vividly attacked the radical left but let’s remind that Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues turned the Congress into an all-out political confrontation scene with the fastest impeachment vote ever – and which is very likely to fall at the Senate.

In the end, the left of the left is undoubtedly winning space over older Democrats like Pelosi and the State of the Union is not as good as it should be considering, for instance, the good health of the U.S. economy.

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Charles Rault is Cyceon's managing director, he monitored Global Affairs for 15 years as an Analyst, later switched to investing and finance, graduated in Political Science (Université Paris 2 - Panthéon-Assas) and Asset Management (University of Pennsylvania - Wharton).