As Gold (GLD) price keeps growing, a number of analysts wonder whether this prefigures some impending real, sharp, rapid difficulties on global stock markets which are currently 5 percent higher than their previous lows.

Against the backdrop, there is the seemingly hard-to-stop spreading of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) that started to infect – and kill – people in Hubei province’s city Wuhan as soon as early January 2019 if not earlier since various media as official sources shared conflicting views on that.

For now, the volatility index (VIX) jumped to around 17.00 that is a level that could confirm some more tensions along with, for instance, Germany’s index DAX which failed to get through 13,795.00. Also, the Asia-Pacific section of Bloomberg’s World Equity Indices showed a fully in the red region, except for China itself, meaning that now Covid-19 might be an issue for Asia-Pacific as a whole rather than just for China.

In the meantime, U.S. 10-year Treasury yield plunged to 1.480 percent while its German counterpart went further under zero at minus 0.450 percent.

World Equity Indices: Asia/Pacific from Bloomberg

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