In connection with our previous post which warns of an increased political risk for Western democracies, the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, famous for the terrorist attack it suffered from in January 2015, published on March 27, 2020 a severe editorial which has been shared a lot since then on social networks.

“A disaster, it’s simply a disaster that France is currently experiencing,” wrote Charlie Hebdo who thinks that “France thought it had the best health system in the world just as it was convinced it had the best military in the world in 1940.”

Against the backdrop, there are the lack of anticipation, unpreparedness and shortage of protective tools – gels, masks, respirators – of the French government and state against the Covid-19 coronavirus health crisis.

Considering that “it is not only the French health system that is collapsing, but the whole edifice,” Charlie Hebdo states that “one way or another” must be found to respond to this “unbearable injustice.”

Such criticism of the state’s health crisis management is supported by many French Internet users who represent a sufficiently significant part of public opinion to confirm our sentiment that there is a significant increase in political risk in the medium and long term.

Except that this can also be applied to many other Western countries, in particular the United States and Great Britain, where criticism is also widespread and growing; the Western political world as a whole could therefore be shaken by the fallout from Covid-19.

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