One of the main difficulties of slowing the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic is the widespread lack of testing capacity.

In the 15th arrondissement of Paris, a French company named TheraVectys, a spin-off of the Pasteur Institute, announced it made a breakthrough innovation with the first test measuring the degree of immunity to Covid-19.

Introduced as an essential tool with to view to ending lockdown, virologist Pierre Charneau, director of the Pasteur-TheraVectys vaccinology laboratory told French daily Libération that “the presence of antibodies does not tell you whether or not you are protected against a new coronavirus infection.”

Consequently, “we have developed a ‘sero-neutralization’ test that detects antibodies but more importantly measures their ability to inhibit the entry of the virus into a cell. This test provides information on the effectiveness of the antibodies,” underlined Charneau.

Such an innovation whose reliability would amount to 98 percent or more, said TheraVectys, could potentially make testing more easily available for millions of people and provide them with an immunity level: strong neutralizing, weak and non-neutralizing.

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