Contrary to popular belief, many clever people of sound mind around the world, especially within European intelligence circles, think that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) do represent a relevant national security issue that must be dealt with.

The latest release of 3 U.S. Navy videos by the Pentagon showing “unidentified aerial phenomena” has given more weight to these analysts who believe that major governments could be preparing or are on the verge of delivering a major news update on UFOs.

Thanks to efforts led in recent years by well-funded citizens who hired the expertise of retired intelligence officers, unprecedented information is progressively being made publicly available that gives more and more credibility to the hypothesis that something really unknown – but smart – is sometimes taking place into our sky.

Actually such information isn’t new since a number of pilots – civilian as military, intelligence officers and even politicians have said for years that they witnessed directly or heard about things which have been going on within our environment and for which nobody has ever brought unquestionable explanation.

Although it does not mean these phenomena originate from any extraterrestrial intelligence, the major evolution comes from the way public institutions like the Pentagon now tackle this sensitive topic by acknowledging the reality of videos footage that has been circulating and by characterizing these aerial phenomena as “unidentified”.

In France whose UFO-related assessment COMETA report delivered in 1999 by prominent members of the French military drew worldwide attention at the time, former chief of intelligence at the DGSE (the French CIA) Alain Juillet stated in April 2020 that “the UFO phenomenon escapes the terrestrial dimension.”

“Unexplained phenomena” (U.S. Navy)

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