Diplomatic tensions have recently experienced an unprecedented development with the extremely rare case of the Chinese ambassador to France being summoned following the publishing of communiqués that shocked the Macron administration.

In the United States, members of Congress are calling for increased resources and an accelerated investigation to determine China’s role in the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic, and President Donald Trump hopes to make China pay dearly.

In Europe, both the European Union (EU) and governments have been very discreet in their criticism of their Chinese counterpart, but both the media and public opinion are attacking Beijing head-on for “its lies” about the coronavirus.

In Asia-Pacific, outside of China, public opinion and governments alike say that they are attentive to the evolution of the epidemic situation on Chinese territory and express real concern without criticizing the Chinese government so strongly.

In addition to the mounting human toll with hundreds of thousands of deaths and economic and social repercussions deemed to be very severe, the sudden emergence of a serious form of the coronavirus affecting children could set a little more fire to the powder keg.

As a potential link between the coronavirus pandemic and Kawasaki’s disease in children was suggested, thousands of Americans and Europeans on social networks instantly asked for “China to be held accountable” or ironically thanked China “for such a terrifying gift.”

In the face of mounting indictments and dangerously rising tensions, the Chinese government may be playing up its country’s strategic and trade future as calls for boycott are starting to emerge across the West.

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