About us

Cyceon, founded by Charles Rault, covers finance and markets-impacting developments. Using data-sharing, social networks and “real reading”, the general purpose is to provide business, political decision-makers and the general public with a quick understanding and an accurate monitoring of what’s happening in the Macro, Finance, Investment and Markets sectors.

Why is it useful ?

What Cyceon does might look simple at first sight, yet it takes a certain amount of time – and thus money – to identify, sort and organize an ever-growing amount of data. By reading our website and Reports, you save time not monitoring the data and you save money not doing the whole process by yourself. Furthermore, Cyceon might have spotted data that you missed and that might prove useful.

Why is it different ?

Although Cyceon is using computers to deal with a large amount of data every day, each bit of information that is offered to our readers and customers has been read and selected by a professional analyst and/or correspondents, something one could name “real reading” meaning our process has “human relevance.”

How does it work ?

Monitoring consists of identifying and assembling most relevant information inside reports, statements and news releases issued by official, major institutions. Documents and News consist of listing links that point to most relevant materials and news that can be read on the web. Reports consist of sorting such relevant information and turning it into a concise PDF file.

e.g.: Inside Monitoring data, there’s always a link that points to the original source so that you can verify the data’s authenticity and/or read more about it.


e.g.: Rather than going back to the homepage, you can browse the Monitoring data via two simple links that point to the previous / next article.


Who is reading ?

Most of our readership comes from the United States and from English-speaking countries like the UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada.

  • Companies (Boeing, Airbus, BP, Amazon, and so many SMEs…)
  • Governments (MFAs, US Department of State, US Senate, NSA, …)
  • International Organizations (United Nations, World Bank, IMF, African Union,…)

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