American Tower Corporation is one of the largest global real estate investment trusts and a leading independent owner, operator and developer of multitenant communications real estate. The company’s primary business is the leasing of space on communications sites to wireless service providers, radio and television broadcast companies, wireless data providers, government agencies and municipalities and tenants in a number of other industries. The company’s portfolio primarily consists of towers that it owns and towers that it operates pursuant to long-term lease arrangements, as well as distributed antenna system (“DAS”) networks, which provide seamless coverage solutions in certain in-building and outdoor wireless environments. American Tower Corporation was originally created as a subsidiary of American Radio Systems Corporation in 1995 and was spun off into a free-standing public company in 1998.

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Updated10/23/2020FCF CAGR 5Y13,94%
SectorReal EstateDebt Coverage2,98
Moat3D/E Avg 5Y3,48
Cust. Base2EPS/Div. Avg 5Y0,94
Beta0,29FCF/Div. Avg 5Y1,93
Div. Streak20R&D Avg 5Y1,95%
Div. CAGR 5Y15,87%ROA Avg 5Y3,51%
Payout Avg 5Y107,79%ROE Avg 5Y20,96%
EPS CAGR 5Y24,63%ROIC Avg 5Y4,25%
Revenues4 7725 7866 6647 4407 580
Earnings6859561 2391 2361 888
Equity6 7136 9766 8285 9005 490
Total Debt17 11918 53320 20521 16031 060
Book Value/Share15,8815,9114,4612,0511,35
Payout Ratio %128,37%109,60%98,13%113,72%89,15%

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