Ecolab Inc., headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, is an U.S. global provider of water, hygiene and infection preventions solutions and services to the food, healthcare, hospitality and industrial markets. The company’s food safety services provide consulting to restaurants, hospitals, food retailers and food & beverage manufacturing facilities. It is also a supplier of chemistries used by beef and poultry processors to reduce pathogens, such as E. coli and salmonella in uncooked beef and poultry.

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Updated09/29/2020FCF CAGR 5Y5,68%
SectorBasic MaterialsDebt Coverage5,72
Moat2D/E Avg 5Y0,90
Cust. Base2EPS/Div. Avg 5Y2,91
Beta0,91FCF/Div. Avg 5Y2,92
Div. Streak83R&D Avg 5Y1,43%
Div. CAGR 5Y6,66%ROA Avg 5Y6,85%
Payout Avg 5Y34,73%ROE Avg 5Y17,58%
EPS CAGR 5Y9,93%ROIC Avg 5Y9,30%
Revenues13 54513 15313 83614 66814 906
Earnings1 0021 2301 5081 4291 559
Equity6 9106 9017 6198 0038 685
Total Debt6 4666 6867 3227 0456 354
Book Value/Share22,9323,2625,9127,3329,69
Payout Ratio %40,36%34,30%29,63%34,63%34,71%

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09/21/2020 – The dividend safety for ECL should rather be at 4 or above, however we chose to be more conservative as long as the full extent and duration of the Covid-19 crisis remains to be known.

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