International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a U.S. cloud platform and cognitive solutions multinational technology and consulting company headquartered in Armonk, New York, with more than 350,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries. IBM, sometimes referred to as Big Blue, is one of 30 companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and one of the world’s largest employers, with over 352,600 employees as of 2019. On October 8, 2020 IBM announced it was spinning off the Managed Infrastructure Services unit of its Global Technology Services division into a new public company, an action expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

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Updated10/20/2020FCF CAGR 5Y-1,81%
SectorTechnologyDebt Coverage19,56
Moat2.0D/E Avg 5Y2,68
Cust. Base1.5EPS/Div. Avg 5Y1,83
Beta1,24FCF/Div. Avg 5Y2,44
Div. Streak50R&D Avg 5Y7,04%
Div. CAGR 5Y5,16%ROA Avg 5Y7,98%
Payout Avg 5Y60,78%ROE Avg 5Y57,49%
EPS CAGR 5Y-4,68%ROIC Avg 5Y15,63%
Revenues81 74179 91979 13979 59177 147
Earnings13 19011 8725 7538 7239 431
Equity14 42418 39217 72516 92920 985
Total Debt39 89042 16946 82445 81262 899
Book Value/Share14,7619,2919,0818,8323,49
Payout Ratio %37,26%44,43%96,09%65,23%60,89%

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