News Release, Sponsored Article

Strong with a high-quality international audience, Cyceon offers your an opportunity to publish and promote:

  • You’re looking for investors?
  • You’re promoting a product?
  • You’re reshuffling your strategy?
  • You’re announcing a key development?
  • etc…

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As an organization, a company or an institution, you may publish a text (press release, sponsored article, communiqué) on Cyceon’s website(s) in order to reach our high-quality audience mainly made of business and political decision-makers, investment and banking professionals, graduates from business schools, and the grand public as a whole.

You can choose:

  • The News Release to communicate about a new operation, announcement, financial data,
  • The Sponsored Article to deal with a specific topic relevant to your professional sector (including individual support, suggestions, backlink, SEO validation).


  • The Communication offer with the online publishing and distribution of your communiqué or article already prepared by your staff,
  • The Communication Pro offer with the online publishing and distribution of  your communiqué or article prepared by Cyceon and its information experts.

Time-limited Special Offer:
only 139 euros (+20% VAT) the online publishing of your news release (max. 500 words) on Cyceon.

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