Questions & Answers

Why is it access-free?

Cyceon makes access-free all or parts of its online contents. Such contents (website, PDF) remain the intellectual property of Cyceon and its production is financed in full independence. It is access-free because Cyceon’s financial durability isn’t depending on paid subscriptions from its readers, at least for its usual contents, but on its long term audience instead. From now on, Cyceon reserves the right to get funding by adding to its contents the presence of one or several logos of organizations and/or companies who wish to support Cyceon while making themselves known to its readers. If your organization and/or company is interested in reaching our readers or increasing visibility via Cyceon, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail.

May I know more?

Cyceon is a news service edited by an organization that is both a company and a network. In coordination with approximately 70 correspondents around the world, Cyceon primarily aims to improve the understanding of economic, financial and strategic issues through the publishing, dissemination and distribution of “short information.” Under the supervision of Charles Rault, an information analyst with a 12-year-experience in the field of international relations, Cyceon summarizes the information so that it is quicker-to-read and more relevant; 120 words are often enough to understand as much as when reading 1200 words. Cyceon’s contents result from professional data monitoring, research and analysis. Short information is an important tool for quick review and understanding; it is the final concise output from a wide range of sources. All the data provided by Cyceon has been confirmed and/or sourced beforehand. You can therefore consider Cyceon a reliable, effective and sustainable news source. Cyceon distributes its contents throughout the world, mainly available in electronic or audio format. Cyceon primarily reaches high-quality readership/audience in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, mostly CEOs, finance professionals, investors and policymakers. Cyceon is non-partisan, does not participate in any political agenda or editorial policy, is fully independent and commits itself to treating information as objectively as possible.

Terms of use

Cyceon is a privately-owned and independent news service whose contents are fully or partly access-free. However, such contents remain the full intellectual property of Cyceon and its reproduction and/or redistribution by third parties must comply with the specific conditions listed below:

  1. Any contents reproduced and/or redistributed must be so in its original version, without any modification. If a modification is necessary, you must mention it;
  2. Any contents reproduced and/or redistributed must include a link pointing to the original contents published by Cyceon and mention Cyceon as the author/editor;
  3. The citation of any Cyceon’s contents must be limited to 30 words;
  4. Any reproduced and/or redistributed contents is allowed only if Cyceon has been duly informed in an e-mail that includes your complete contact information so that you can be kept in touch with any modification as regards Cyceon and its terms of use.
  5. These terms also apply to the PDF Letter except that its distribution and online availability remain the unique and exclusive initiative of Cyceon. You can therefore include/communicate a link pointing to the PDF Letter but you’re not allowed to copy or making it available on any electronic device (website, FTP, torrent) or distribute it directly to your contacts – except in case of specific agreement. If one of your contacts wishes to receive the PDF Letter, one must sign up for Cyceon’s free newsletter.

All these terms apply as a whole and not separately. Their importance is the same whatever their place in the list above.

Why such terms of use? Because Cyceon bears the cost and time needed for the original contents it edits and publishes. As any original creation, it involves intellectual property rights.

How can I use your RSS?

Cyceon’s RSS feed is available here. It can show code if you’re using Google Chrome or show a more organized layout if you’re using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera. In order to be informed in real time of our latest updates, you can subscribe to our RSS using internet browsers that offer integrated RSS management or softwares or specific internet websites. Most of them are available for free and also offer apps for smartphones. Here is a list:

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