What do we do?

Our firm is specialized in data analysis and has developed in-depth knowledge and skills about it. Since 2004, Cyceon has been a top-quality provider of markets-related information.

Our main purpose consists of providing long-term investors, asset managers, bankers and any related professionals with a quick, reliable, global picture of listed companies’ financials, context and challenges. As a small, fully independent business, Cyceon mostly focuses on robust, durable, long-term assets, the farthest possible from the ever-growing flow of often useless information.

Because Cyceon is confident in its ability to better grasp what the big current and future trends are for the biggest companies and markets, we deemed our data might be of interest for you, that’s why we built – and keep developing – this website Cyceon.com.

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About the website

How many companies do you cover?

Given that Cyceon’s focus is based on a threefold approach 1) stability, competitive advantage, barriers of entry and moat, 2) unrealized value potential and room for growth with limited debt and 3) consistent dividend growth, Cyceon conducts an initial in-depth screening from which it then covers approximately 200 American, Canadian and European companies.

How often do you update your website?

New data is added every day of the week and previous data is being updated around the clock.

What is the “Score”?

Cyceon has defined its own average to measure the potential of a company and its stock. The higher the “Score“, the more stability and income potential according to the latest available data. As per our terms and conditions, the “Score” is only indicative and does not constitute any investment advice.

Is the “Score” methodology subject to updates?

Cyceon’s criteria for the setting up of its “Score” can be changed according to two main reasons:

1) The first stems from our willingness to constantly improve the relevance and the quality of our information,

2) The second stems from a significant modification of the context – for instance central banks policies – and/or from a significant modification of where we are in the market cycles.

However, the core of our methodology is designed to remain stable given that long-term investing is based on relatively “simple” pragmatic criteria.

Want to know more? Read about our Score Process.

What data is most important to you?

Cyceon places particular emphasis on the growth of Sales, Income and Book Value per Share. For instance, a constant growth trend in Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) of a company that is a bit undervalued or fairly valued with a large competitive advantage in a rather low-debt sector draws our utmost attention.

How often do you update your data?

A large portion of our data is annual and we cover approximately 200 companies after a careful in-depth screening, that’s why Cyceon plans to update data at least once a year. We therefore focus on multi-year trends and 10-Ks which are the most reliable and significant data.

Is the website access-free?

For now and as we aim to promote our website, a significant part of our data is access-free. However, in the coming months, as more data is being put online, a part of it will be available on paid subscription only because preparing and publishing our data costs time and money. If you’re interested in subscribing, please let us know by contacting us.

About the team

Who founded Cyceon and why?

Charles Rault has been a Senior Analyst for 15 years and he is interested in better understanding global markets and investing. Rault studied Political Science, Crime Analysis (Pantheon-Assas University – Paris) and Asset Management (University of Pennsylvania – Wharton).

Rault seeks to make Cyceon.com a widely-used online place that provides investors with a quick way to access the data he deems the most essential for smart, long-term investing. For his analysis as well as for his investing, Rault draws much inspiration from Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Charles T. Akre, Bill Ackman, Peter Lynch and Howard Marks.

What’s your “investing philosophy” in a nutshell?

Cyceon willingly chooses to focus on quality, not quantity so that it provides with the really helpful information instead of the usual Wall Street-like noise that distracts so many investors from their long-term goals. For 99,9% of investors, time in the markets wins over timing the markets.

Do you really invest?

Cyceon’s managing director Charles Rault manages his own portfolio that seeks to capture value potential using principles put forward by Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Peter Lynch; and long-term dividend growth using market cycles theory put forward by Howard Marks.

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