The following information is mainly for the customers and future customers of our Digital Advertising offer, for their maximum satisfaction and for them to make sure that we do our best to provide them with most reliable statistics.

Our Statistics Accuracy

Cyceon is focusing a vital attention on estimating its website’s statistics as accurately as possible. Our statistics are being computed from our raw log generated by our servers’ operating system Ubuntu, and interpreted through an application named Advanced Web Statistics 7.2 (AWSTATS – build 1.992) directly installed and operated by Cyceon.

“Grafted” on our raw log, AWSTATS differentiates “visits viewed” from “visits non-viewed”, meaning visits made by real humans and those made by robots like search engines. After having tested AWSTATS, Woopra and Google Analytics according to a same timeframe, Cyceon has opted for AWSTATS for its higher accuracy.

Indeed, this solution records all the visits and pageviews thanks to its direct connection to the raw log, ignored by Woopra and Google Analytics when a user visits our website while rejecting cookies and/or having activated an adblocker and/or visiting through a cloud computing service like Amazonaws. This is particularly true when, mainly for privacy concerns, a visitor disabled javascript and/or cookies in its browser or its firewall.

The fact that our statistics are being computed directly from the log rather than through a code insertion like javascript has been deemed more reliable given that nothing can bypass the raw log whereas it’s possible to hide one’s visit and/or download from analytics solutions using code insertion.

Finally, in order to provide our customers with most reliable stastistics and prevent over-estimate (and under-estimate as well), Cyceon calculates an average of statistics obtained through AWSTATS and Google Analytics even though we can prove that many real visits recorded by AWSTATS aren’t recorded by Google Analytics.

Our average audience* (updated January 2017):

  • 2 million pages read in 2016
  • 180,000 viewed pages per month
  • 25,000 visits and downloads per month
  • 10,000 subscribers to our Newsletter and feeds
  • 4.8 pages per visit

*Only viewed and real visits, proven by log, excluding all robots, search engines, shadow connections.