Sysco Corporation, acting through its subsidiaries and divisions, is the largest global distributor of food and related products primarily to the foodservice or food-away-from-home industry. We provide products and related services to over 650,000 customer locations, including restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other foodservice customers. Sysco distributes food and related products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other foodservice customers. Our primary operations are located in North America and Europe.

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Updated10/02/2020FCF CAGR 5Y-9,00%
SectorConsumer DefensiveDebt Coverage4,18
Moat2D/E Avg 5Y5,00
Cust. Base2EPS/Div. Avg 5Y1,42
Beta1,17FCF/Div. Avg 5Y1,92
Div. Streak50R&D Avg 5Y0,00%
Div. CAGR 5Y7,74%ROA Avg 5Y6,06%
Payout Avg 5Y133,64%ROE Avg 5Y43,57%
EPS CAGR 5Y-24,03%ROIC Avg 5Y10,07%
Revenues58 68050 36655 37158 72760 113
Earnings6879501 1431 4311 674
Equity5 2603 4802 3822 5072 503
Total Debt7 3007 4008 2008 3007 800
Book Value/Share8,816,274,514,824,88
Payout Ratio %78,26%74,70%62,86%53,33%49%

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10/02/2020 – As the largest distributor of food, Sysco Corporation has been deeply impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning that while it would usually get a score around 30 given its long history of very good financials, the unprecedented crisis has sent its score into the ground. Such a score for such a great company should be viewed as a temporary phenomenon, however the jump in total debt could be an issue in the coming years despite the good debt coverage so far. It will depend on when the pandemic ends. “I am immensely proud of the actions taken by the Sysco team to manage our business during this time of crisis, specifically led by our associates’ focus and agility when launching strategic transformational initiatives,” said Kevin Hourican, Sysco’s president and chief executive officer.

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