Terms and Conditions

Legal mentions

The website Cyceon available via the URL cyceon.com is edited by:

SARL (limited liability company) capitalized at 39,999 euros.
Registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Paris (RCS) under number B 478 993 058
Whose head office address is 111, avenue Victor Hugo – 75784 Paris – Cedex 16 – France
Represented by Charles Rault, CEO.

Conditions of use

Intellectual property – Cyceon.com is the exclusive property of Cyceon SARL and its founder Charles Rault. All content on the site is protected under French and international copyright and intellectual property law. Taking out a subscription involves no transfer of property rights of any kind to the Subscriber.

Distribution restrictions – Each subscription is strictly personal. It is intended for the exclusive use of the Subscriber in whose name it has been taken out and to whom it is addressed. Only one private copy is allowed. The Subscriber can print an article or a PDF Letter and download it for his personal use but cannot under any circumstances distribute it to third parties even within his own company whether by email, printing or intranet.

Email address – To receive publications and online services, the Subscriber must provide an email address under his or her own name (e.g. jacques.henri@yahoo.com). Except by special arrangement, generic or shared addresses (e.g. contact@france.com or info@france.com) are not accepted.

Password – The Subscriber agrees to keep his or her password secret and to not disclose it in any form whatsoever to third parties.

Multi-reader subscriptions – The multi-reader licenses allow any organization (company, education establishment etc.) to acquire group subscriptions at advantageous rates. The Administrator (the subscription manager designated at the time of subscribing) guarantees the acceptance and respect of the current Terms and Conditions by all Subscribers.

Subscription management

All orders involve full and unreserved acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions.

Start date – The subscription takes effect from reception of the order whatever the time of year.

Cancellation – Orders for subscription are deemed firm and definitive as soon as they are received by Cyceon. The current subscription is non-refundable and will remain valid for the initial duration. It is renewed only per the Subscriber’s request.

Subscription validity

The personal subscription is for one user only, for strictly personal and private use. The professional subscription is for one user only and for professional use. Governments and international institutions must contact Cyceon before any subscription. One subscription is valid for one unique user only. Any breach of this condition of validity may result in suspension or cancellation of the subscription without possibility of refund.

Payment mode

The Subscriber or the billing contact designated at the time of subscribing receives a bill for the amount of the subscription at the time that the service is brought into operation.

If needed, a copy of the invoice can be obtained by a simple request to the customer service (contact@cyceon.com).

Payment periods – Payment of the subscription is due upon receipt of the invoice and must be made within 30 days of receipt. If payment is not made on time, the subscription can be suspended until the total amount due has been paid.

Payment methods – We accept payment in euros (EUR) via the following methods:

– Credit card: Visa | American Express (only in EUR) | MasterCard

– Check made out to Cyceon

– Bank transfer (clients are liable for any charges imposed by their banks)

– PayPal

(For any other payment method, contact customer service: contact@cyceon.com)

Personal data and privacy

Cyceon seeks to comply with the laws protecting privacy and individual freedom and commits itself not to disclose to third parties information communicated to the company by the Subscriber. In keeping with the French information technology rights law of January 6, 1978, Subscribers have the right to access, rectify and challenge personal data about themselves. They may refuse to receive promotional material by modifying their personal information online or by sending a request to customer service (contact@cyceon.com).

Service regularity

Cyceon may update its website from Monday to Friday, and provides at least one weekly update. Cyceon is committed to producing regular and quality information but is not committed to produce any specific amount of information per week or per month; considering that news fluctuations make this irrelevant.

Service continuity

For technical, updates reasons, data research and/or holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, summer), Cyceon plans each year a maximum of 5 weeks out of 52 (35 days) of no production of new information. The Subscriber acknowledges full understanding about this technical and management requirement. The Subscriber will receive an e-mail beforehand, except in the case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances.


Cyceon reserves itself the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.