UnitedHealth Group is a diversified health care company dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and helping make the health system work better for everyone. Its core competencies are deployed within two distinct, but strategically aligned, business platforms: health benefits operating under UnitedHealthcare and health services operating under Optum. UnitedHealthcare provides health care benefits to an array of customers and markets. Optum is a health services business serving the broad health care marketplace, including payers, care providers, employers, governments, life sciences companies and consumers, through its OptumHealth, OptumInsight and OptumRx businesses.

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Updated11/05/2020FCF CAGR 5Y14,90%
SectorHealthcareDebt Coverage9,41
Moat2D/E Avg 5Y0,76
Cust. Base2EPS/Div. Avg 5Y3,39
Beta0,73FCF/Div. Avg 5Y4,04
Div. Streak29R&D Avg 5Y0,00%
Div. CAGR 5Y17,10%ROA Avg 5Y6,87%
Payout Avg 5Y29,63%ROE Avg 5Y20,96%
EPS CAGR 5Y18,98%ROIC Avg 5Y11,91%
Revenues157 107184 840201 159226 247242 155
Earnings5 8137 01710 55811 98613 839
Equity33 72538 17749 83354 31960 436
Total Debt32 43332 97031 69236 55440 678
Book Value/Share34,9839,5448,5052,5959,64
Payout Ratio %31,28%32,83%26,87%28,30%28,89%

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