On this page, Cyceon shares quick thoughts about global developments:

20200131 – The Democrats are heading for a “complete disasterover their impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, elected officials close to the GOP on Capitol Hill said. Indeed, given that prominent Republican senators said they would likely not vote for any witness appearance, the trial could end earlier than House Democrats leader Nancy Pelosi ever imagined, putting the whole Democratic party in large embarrassment.

20200131 – As Japan, U.S. and Europe repatriate their nationals from Wuhan, China, the fast-growing death toll of the coronavirus and the apparent failure – at least for now – in the attempt to stop the spread of the virus will likely impact global growth in 2020. According to a number of sources Cyceon has been in touch with over the last, you’d better “forget about any China’s real growth for the current and perhaps the next quarter.”

20200130 – The coronavirus seems to be an opportunity for another step into pyschological warfare between the United States and China. As the public health crisis worsens, both people inside the Trump administration, like Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, and people outside the administration, like former intelligence officials, growingly depict the “authoritarian regime in Beijing” as “a major cause” for what’s currently happening. Will it negatively impact the Trump-Xi trade talks?

20200130 – Despite quite good results and indicators both in Europe and the United States, the spread from China of the hard-to-contain and hard-to-assess Coronavirus is taking its toll on global markets with a number of 2 percent and more drops in many European stocks price. Indeed, much remains unknown about the human, economic consequences of the Coronavirus whose asymptomatic contamination mode fuels growing fear among the population.